down on the farm at sunny sky for our 22nd season 

Community Supported Agriculture is an innovative way to connect with a local farm for fresh, great tasting produce which has been grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Households or individuals purchase shares prior to the growing season. In return, Sunny Sky Farm provides members with 20 weeks of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers beginning in early June. Each week our harvests are determined by the weather of the current season and its interaction with the microclimate of the garden. The knowledge, skill, cultural techniques and planting schedules of the farmers are also major factors which affect weekly offerings. 

Your weekly box will include the Sunny Sky Flyer, our popular newsletter/recipe sheet which is your weekly link and info source about the produce in your box, how to use it, and what is current and upcoming at the farm. Sunny Sky Farm promotes seasonal eating, eating locally purchased food, and growing methods which build soil and eschew petrochemical inputs.

Please join us at Sunny Sky Farm for our 212nd season and help support an alternative to our conventional food system. Do your part... eat locally and think globally!

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Contact us here at the farm or check us out on Facebook.

6/6/17:  a couple shares are still available for 2017. go here to sign up 

*** Our starting date is Thursday June 8th. We will be in touch shortly before we start to confirm pick up locations.

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